How To Play Honeyland?

A Step-By-Step Guide


What is Honeyland? Alpha version

Honeyland is a Play-to-Own strategy game built on the Solana blockchain that opens the door to the Honeyverse.

Honeyland is a mobile-first blockchain strategy game where players assume the role of a Beekeeper to manage their colony of Bees and Lands. Players can choose a universe to explore and send their Bees on missions to compete against other players for NFTs and the scarce Honeyland resource Honey. As players earn Honey and NFTs, they can use these to grow and strengthen their colony of Bees, purchase more Land, participate in the Honeyland economy, or convert them into cryptocurrencies.

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Alpha version

The alpha version of the Honeyland is going to last for 1.5 to 2 months and its functional ONLY on Solana’s Devnet. In this case, you’re going to need some Devnet SOL in your wallet, but, we’ll get to that later in this article. A limited number of players in the Honeyland community will get access to play the alpha version of Honeyland. There are some differences between the final and alpha version.


Some of the main differences between the alpha and final version are as follows:

  • The alpha version has THT (Test Honey Token) - this is not same token that Honeyland will use in the final version
  • The alpha version is functioning on the Devnet of Solana - the final version will function on the Mainnet Beta
  • NFTs are labeled as “Test” on the alpha version - they will not be usable in the final version and will not be tradeable on secondary markets
  • Some of the features of the game are locked on the alpha version


Participants on the alpha version will get multiple benefits for their participation, including:

  • Participants will get a commemorative NFT from Honeyland that can be displayed in their trophy room of their hive.
  • 500,000 Honey tokens will be distributed among participants of alpha game, based on their participation and achievement
  • Up to 500,000 Honey tokens will be given as rewards for participants who help identify bugs, errors, exploits, and UI/UI fixes for the final version. These rewards will be subjective based on the uniqueness and importance of the feedback submitted. All rewards will be made public for transparency.

DevNet! What about NFTs and Tokens?

NFTs and Tokens on the alpha version of the Honeyland do not represent any tangible value outside of the alpha version. They were designed JUST for testing the ecosystem and to be used on the alpha version.

  • The test token on the alpha version is called “THT”
  • The test NFT tokens on the alpha version are labeled as “Test”

Beware of scammers!

How to start the game?

After downloading the game (through delivered links) - you need to login into your account. There are two ways for logging into your Honeyland account. The first option is to login using Gmail authentication. The second option is to login using an existing Phantom wallet. Don't panic! We will guide you through this.

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Phantom setup tutorial

  1. Click on “Connect with Phantom”
  2. Download the Phantom app from the app store
  3. If you already have Phantom wallet on your mobile phone, skip the previous step
  4. Click on create a new walletscreenshot 3.jpg
  5. Set a strong password for your walletscreenshot 4.jpg
  6. Write down your recovery phrase and keep this in a private and safe place. This is important.screenshot 5.jpg
  7. Congrats!screenshot 6.jpg

Choosing DevNet on your wallet

  1. Click on the blue button on the upper left side of your walletscreenshot 7.jpg
  2. Tap on the ‘Change Network’ buttonscreenshot 8.jpg
  3. Choose Devnetscreenshot 9.jpg
  4. Congrats! You’re on Devnet

Notice: the wallet address is the same as it is on the Mainnet.

Logging in using Phantom in-game

  1. Tap on “Connect with Phantom”screenshot 2.jpg
  2. Tap on the “Connect“ buttonscreenshot 11.jpg
  3. Tap on the “Login” buttonscreenshot 10.jpg
  4. Tap on approve to pay a small network fee for the connection - the SOL to cover this fee has already been added to your walletscreenshot 12.jpg
  5. You're all set up!

Welcome to the City

After setting up your wallet, you will reach Honeyland city. the place that contains the main Buildings of the game. Each of these buildings is made to manage different parts of the game, which can be accessed by clicking on them. For example, the DEX building is for converting the temporary coin of the game, that is, THT, to SOL and vice versa. On the other hand, the Hatching Machine building is for turning your eggs into a Bee or Queen. Click each of the buildings to see what they do.

  1. User Profile

    At the user profile setting, you can change your in-game display name, export your private key, view your total stats such as successful hunting and harvesting missions or logout to exit your current profile.

  2. Bee and Queen/Starter pack

    In general, the players are active in the Honeyland game due to two main factors, the bee, and the queen. Each player can have a dedicated hive with an active queen and several active bees to complete game missions. There are several ways to obtain bees and queens. In the alpha version, each player will receive a queen and nice bees to get you started. Players are also able to hatch any bee and queen eggs you bought in the pre-purchase stage to produce more queens and bees for your colony.. If you did not get any eggs prior to the alpha game, you can collect and convert shards in the game to get queen and bee eggs. Alternatively, players can buy eggs, bees, or queens from the marketplace.

    screenshot 13.jpg
    NOTE: You must stake your queens, bees or lands in order for them to be available for missions in Honeyland. To stake your queens and bees, go to your hive and tap on the stake button. This will allow you to stake every asset you want to bring into Honeyland.
  3. Game Currency

    Game Currency The main currency of Honeyland is HXD, which can be earned on Harvesting missions. In the alpha version, there is a temporary currency called THT that is like HXD, except that it is only used temporarily for the alpha version and cannot be transferred to the final version of the game or traded on exchanges.

  4. Where can I get my initial THT?

    From Honeyland city, you can visit the Ice Cream building to deposit some Devnet SOL for THT tokens. You can earn THT tokens by sending your bees on Harvesting missions. When you first start the alpha version, you will only be able to send 3 bees on each Harvesting mission. As you earn more XP in Honeyland, you will be able to send more bees on each mission.

  5. DEX

    There is a DEX (currency exchange) building in the city, where users can exchange their THT for SOL and vice versa. There will be more assets to exchange in the future, but for ease of use during the alpha, there is just one available pair in this building.

    screenshot 14.jpg

Honeyland Universe

The Universe is where the core gameplay of Honeyland takes place. In the game world, there are many different lands, each with unique characteristics. Before explaining the land, it is better to know that the Honeyland gameplay takes place based on two missions, Hunting and Harvesting.

  1. Hunting and Harvesting

    Hunting missions earn you unique in-game items, while Harvesting missions earn you Honey (HXD). To start a mission, click on one of the lands in the Universe and then click the "Go To" button. You will then be able to select the squad you would like to send on this mission.

  2. Lands

    The main elements that make up the Honeyland universe are the lands; each has its own characteristics and details, which you must pay attention to when choosing bees to send on Hunting and Harvesting missions. Always try to match the landforms of bees and lands to bring max results to your missions.

    screenshot 15.jpg
  3. Activity Log

    On the quick access button at the upper right section of your screen (the rocket icon), there is a button for Activity Log, in this section, you can see the history of your activity from the very first day you logged into the game until now. This history contains your transactions, missions, raids, staking, etc.

  4. Claim daily and weekly rewards

    You can see the “Missions” button on the lower left side of the screen in universe. This is where you can see your daily and weekly missions and claim your XP rewards as you complete them.


The Hive acts as your control room. Queen management, bees, all the items you have collected in the game, and many other things happen in the Hive.

  1. Accessories

    There are many accessories that you can buy and achieve to change the appearance and shape of your Hive to turn it into a more attractive home for your queen and bees.

    screenshot 16.jpg
  2. Raid/Attack and Defense

    One of the game's most attractive features, Raids, starts from the Hive. Raids are separated into two parts which are called Attack and Defense. In the attack phase, you can set up a squad of bees to attack another player's Hive. If you win, Honey will be stolen from the other player and added to your balance; if you lose, it will be deducted from you and added to the attacked player’s balance.

    screenshot 17.jpg

    This is where the defense strategy comes into play: you can defend your Hive by choosing the right defensive combination of your bees and gain Honey if you win against others' attacks.

    screenshot 18.jpg
  3. Attack and Defense Squad

    Raids are 3v3 idle-play battles with three attacking bees and three defending bees that automatically attack each other based on their attack profiles. The result is automatically reported to the players after the end of the Raid.

    screenshot 19.jpgscreenshot 20.jpg
  4. Alpha rewards

    1 Million HXD tokens will be distributed to the alpha version participants based on their activity on Honeyland’s alpha version.